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Deep’s Mediation is a mediation and high conflict resolution services based at South West of the Sydney. 

We work with clients Australia wide via telephone and video conferencing.

What is Mediation?

• Mediation is a confidential process, whereby the neutral and independent person (the mediator) encourages the parties to a dispute to communicate positively by active listening and mutual respect to reach an agreement that is agreeable to all the parties.

What is Family Mediation?

• The Family Mediation is a process to assist the parties to come to an agreement regarding their ex-partner with the ongoing care of their children and division of their property and other financial matters.

• Focuses on the best interest of the children in parenting matters.

• Future focused.

What is Family Mediation Process?

• Choose your family dispute resolution practitioner.

• Discuss your individual concerns and the outcome you’re expecting.

• The family dispute resolution practitioner will do safety screening and suitability of mediation. If suitable; choose the type of mediation, discussion of cost involved.

• Actual mediation. The family dispute resolution practitioner as a third party independent person facilitates the mediation. Mediation is a confidential process. Mediation gives an opportunity for both parties to talk about what is important for them and listen to other parties. The family dispute resolution practitioner develops an agenda for the mediation based on what both parties have expressed. Explore each agenda item in detail by setting out each parties proposals, considering options, negotiate and attempt to reach a mutual agreement.

• Private sessions.

• If the parties reach an agreement that they can both live with, the family dispute resolution practitioner assists to document the actions and agreements reached.

What happens when you reach an agreement?

• If you would like the agreement you reach in a family mediation to be made legally enforceable you can apply to the court for consent orders.

• You can do this yourself with a do-it-yourself kit from the Family Court or ask your lawyer to assist you.

What happens when you don’t reach an agreement?

• Don’t worry, you can try again.

• The Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner can issue a Section 60i certificate.

• You may go to the Court for a Court Order via your lawyer. 

Section 60i Certificate (S60i)

• When Family Mediation is not suitable; S60i certificate can only be issued by a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with the Attorney Generals Department.

• S60i is only for parenting, and cannot be issued for property or other purposes.

• The purpose is to allow the party to file an application for a parenting order in Court.

Relationship Mediation

• Married or de facto couples having issues, yet they want to stay together.

• Relationship Mediation to assist the couples to work together to resolve their issues to move forward together. Its future focused!